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Liebe Katzen groß und klein, Regeln müssen immer sein. Deshalb kommt ihr als Neuling an, endet euer Name stets mit "junges" hinten dran. Keine Angst, ihr werdet seh'n, mit etwas Fleiß, werdet auch ihr bald als Krieger vor uns steh'n.
Bei Problemen sind wir jederzeit für dich da!

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2 kurze Geschichtenanfänge Englisch

Hi ich hab zwei mini Geschichtenanfänge geschrieben und der zweite ist wirklich mini klein, aber sie sind halt in Englisch^^
Also für alle die English lesen können ich hoffe es gefällt euch.
LG Lavajunges

Geschichtenanfang 1:

What is happening here? Marco thought. He was not able to speak. Fear filled his whole Body. His friends looked at him with questioning eyes, like they were saying: I don’t know what is going on. Tell me please! He shrugged not knowing how else to respond to that. A creepy green glow filled the dark tunnels of the earth. It illuminated the walls where about two dozen spiders hung. Some bats shrieked and flew away into another tunnel lightning fast. Suddenly he heard a booming sound and then he was being pulled underground, by… what was that thing? Everywhere where he touched the ground it made waves like water. Always thinking the ground should be brown and not grey he was sinking in a silvery metal kind of liquid. “Help!” Marco yelled confused, but he saw that his friends had the same problem. He yelped as his mouth touched the waving ground. This is it he thought. This is where it all ends. And then he disappeared…

Geschichtenanfang 2:

The song was sung by the air in the earth's heart. Its voice echoing in the dirt, slowly dying down. First terrified screaming, then turning into a long howl of pain like it was cursed again after the ghost army overrunning the human race. It was not more than a whisper now and then it ended with a high pitch shriek louder than anyone ever heard. Well… if there was still a living human on this haunted planet. You see, we humans lost the war and now the ghosts are roaming the places, it was a sad story and if you are asking yourself how I survived then you better not read this story if you are scared of ghosts. Truly I am scared of them myself, but I am living in this world. A world without humans…

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2 kurze Geschichtenanfänge Englisch

Hört sich spannend an.
Und das Englisch ist perfekt, für dein Alter. owo
Würde mich freuen, wenn du weiter schreibst. :3

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2 kurze Geschichtenanfänge Englisch

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